A Little About ME! 

My name is Liza Cox and I'm a native Charlottean. There is nothing more satisfying to me than capturing the purity and joy of the moment forever in a photo. I look forward to sharing your vision, then documenting and recording it. Family and friends hold a special place in my heart and I treasure them like a pot of gold.

  • You can’t put an animal in front of me without keeping me from making funny voices.  
  • Facebook is my morning newspaper.  
  • When it comes to fashion I like to set my own style.
  • When I get really stressed, my therapy is watching videos of rogue waves and surfing.                          
  • Most of all I absolutely LOVE documenting life with my camera!

"When I see something unusual I am not content just looking at it. I must capture it!"— Beatrix Potter 

Always willing to travel.  (always great to have an excuse to get out of town and see another part of this world)

Price upon request

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